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Nuevos significados recogidos

 pudding  been begun broken built chosen done driven eaten flown forgotten given kept known met ridden run see  ox 
 lez  truth  millennial 
 chive  brat  keeling 
 puppet  paintbrush  deer 
 document  centennial  grow old along with me, the best is yet to be 
 runto  ahiled  slay 
 brew  swell  antsy 
 dad  what did you do on your vacation  dad 
 amorfia  clared  dudoso 

 no  freebie  slay 
 passed out  cut and dry  cut a deal 
 swell  shindig  brew 
 i'm outta here  antsy  woke 
 i'm done with it  hottie  bod 
 make out  yo  flex 
 hangry  gotcha  yolo! 
 lame  booze  bail 
 suck  shady  busted 
 cheesy  good to go  i can't even 
 nice one  i'm down  you'r telling me!